www.tipping-supermarket.co.uk "Racings Best Kept Secret" All tips independently proofed to Racing Index Exclusive Tips from some of the UK's Leading Tipsters
www.tipping-supermarket.co.uk "Racings Best Kept Secret"  All tips independently proofed to Racing Index         Exclusive Tips from some of the UK's Leading Tipsters 

Friday 26th May 2017





ALL OF OUR TIPSTERS are proofed to Racing Index

www.racing-index.com - the only truly independent

Horse Race Proofing Service in the UK.



Two fantastic new Tipping Services


DC Tipping

Shuker Racing


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Tips Updated Daily by 10.00am

Results updated every Monday


"CHURNING OUT consistent winners and placed horses

every racing day ALL FULLY PROOFED to Racing Index;

100% transparent results reported to SP not over inflated

odds and we suggest you ONLY trust Tipsters who FULLY

Proof their tips to an independent Proofer and not those

that either dont proof, or create their own proofing website

or both - avoid them like you would Ebola"






WINNERS GALORE - check Results page




Your ONE STOP Shop for the best collection of Racing Tipsters


ALL Tips are independently Proofed to Racing Index!




The Tipping Supermarket is available to all potential customers. 


The Tipping Supermarket is the next stage in our plan to deliver CONSISTENTLY PROFITABLE horse race tips to everyone at an affordable price.


We have some simple but effective rules-:



a one-stop supermarket where you can collect

all of your tips from consistent and profitable Tipsters.



a simple and very cost effective pricing structure

with affordable Subscription rates



only tips from Tipsters that have shown

consistency and profit in proofing will be made available.



we only market Tipsters who have shown consistenty

and FULLY PROOFED profit in the past few months.


If Tipsters begin make a regular loss they will be subject to review

and possibly removal from the service after a sensible period of time.  



You cannot purchase these tips from ANY OTHER SOURCE 

so all Tipsters will offer EXCLUSIVE TIPS which will be advertised

solely through this website.



Tips are sent by e-mail each day between 10.00am and 10:30am


directly to your INBOX!


Contact us for a SPECIAL OFFER

at - admin@tipping-supermarket.co.uk



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JMI Publications does not charge nor receive VAT on any product or service nor exceed VAT income limits and is not VAT Registered. 
Our Registered Address is-: Tipping Supermarket, The Lodge; Hartleyburn; Wilnecote; Tamworth; Staffordshire; B77 4BL.
Telephone-: 01827 247171 / e-mail admin@tipping-supermarket.co.uk








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